Welcome to my Steel Guitar site dedicated to Steel Guitar products and music but especially Steel Guitar Tablature.

I started out playing the Pedal Steel Guitar before the age of 14. I've played as a hobby for over 20 years. I've noticed that a lot of Steel Guitar players would like a tab of different songs, so I decided to setup a web site mainly for tablature. I have created over 50 tabs. I will have more tabs on here every day. Please keep checking back. Most of the tabs that I have done are gospel songs, but I have linked to other sites which have tabs for other types of songs. If you like a tab and/or the site, please send me an email Jeff@steelguitartablature.com to let me know. If you enjoy playing my tabs, please send me a recording.

I do have links to other Steel Guitar sites and if you have a site that you would like to have included, please send me an email to Jeff@steelguitartablature.com to have your site added.

If you have a tab that you would like to share even if you do not have on the computer, please send it to me with your name, address, and email. I will put it on the web site.

Jeff Wyzard
PO Box 956
Oilton, OK 74052
Email: Jeff@steelguitartablature.com




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